How to Change Battery in Garage Door Opener

How to Change Battery in Garage Door Opener?

You have a big door for your garage, and it takes too much force to open the door every morning. Sometimes the door also gets jam, and you cannot open it alone, especially the women.

It is a better solution to shift your big garage door from a manual opening system to an automatic remote opener system. With a button push, you can open and close the door without touching your door.

It not just provides you ease but also it is more secure than a manual lock. No one can get access to the garage if, do not have the remote for opening the door.

But you need a battery for powering your garage door opener; the battery needs replacement after some time. You need a proper replacement of the battery of the garage door opener.

How long does it take to replace the garage door opener battery?

It varies from battery to battery according to their quality and use, but the average time for replacing a garage door opener battery is a maximum of 2 years.

What kind of batteries is used in the garage door opener?

Many new and modern kinds of batteries are available in the market, but lithium-based batteries perform well in the Atlanta garage door experts.

What is the average cost of a garage door opener battery?

There you will also find variations according to quality, features, and size of the battery.

But an average cost for the replacement of the garage door opener is 200 dollars to 250 dollars.

Can I replace the garage door opener battery?

Yes, of course, you can also replace the garage door opener battery and save your money up to twenty to thirty dollars that you will pay to a service provider to replace the battery.

How do I know the garage door opener battery needs replacement?

When you push the button, it does not get signals and make a problem while open the gate. There you will also listen to some beep or blinking light.

How can I change the garage door opener battery?

It is quite simple to replace a garage door opener battery by yourself, just follow the below steps and replace it.
What are the steps?

• Start with unplugging the opener of the garage door. Now open the light lens of the door; you will find the battery under that light lens.
• Now take a screwdriver and unscrew the screws on the battery compartment and remove it.
• Now pull out batter little up and disconnect the battery wires, there you will see red and black wires. After disconnecting both wires pull out the battery.
• Now place the new battery and connect both wires with the terminals and screw the compartment with the screwdriver.
• Next to that, place the light lens on the battery and plug-in the door opener.

Final Thoughts:

Garage door openers provide us easy access to our garage and also better security than manual locks.

We need a battery inside the garage door opener for powering the garage door opener. With time and use, it needs to replace; you can easily replace the battery yourself.