More than just a software company, Idealistics provides a range of services to help enhance your social service agency. Our expertise ranges from anything computer software-related to grant writing and data analysis. Feel free to browse through our list of available services, or if you have a particular job you would like to consult Idealistics on.


Idealistics webdesign services gives you the best of both worlds with elegant design at affordable prices. We understand your unique needs as a non-profit agency. Let us design a website that is right for you, your donors, and you client base. Click here for more information.

Data Consultation

Need help making sense of all that data you collect on clients? Have a big presentation or grant coming up and need an extra set of experienced data-hacking hands? If so, visit the data consultation section of our website.

Grant Writing

Nobody goes into the non-profit sector because they want to make money. However, without the proper funding for your services, your agency simply cannot function. Idealistics grant writing service is the perfect way for you to stay focused on what really matters, providing the best services to your clients, while ensuring you have the most quality people working hard to apply for critical funding for your agency. Click here to find out more about what Idealistics grant writing services can do for you.

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