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Who says case management software has to be ugly? Find out how our revolutionary case management and referral automation system, SocialWorks , can enhance your social service agency by visiting our SocialWorks section here.

Case Management

SocialWorks is the first case management system designed ground up by people with social service backgrounds (that’s us!). We recognize the important work you do, and that’s why we’ve designed for you the very best case management system. Find out more by clicking here.

Data Consultation

Need help making sense of all that data you collect on clients? Have a big presentation or grant coming up and need an extra set of experienced data-hacking hands? If so, visit our data consultation section of our website.


Our webdesign services gives you the best of both worlds with elegant design at affordable prices. We understand your unique needs as a non-profit agency. Let us design a website that is right for you, your donors, and you client base. Click here for more information.

Community Resources

The Community Resources system is a website that matches your constituents to up-to-date, local community resource information. Individuals in need may access the free matching service from anywhere with access to the Internet, such as a faith-based organization, police departments, government offices, schools, and public libraries.

Powerful Reporting

Create your report once, and run it each time you need it. With all your client information stored in one central database securely accessible over the Internet, you can aggregate information across programs and generate the statistics and graphs that tell the story of your initiative’s effectiveness.

Connect People

When a constituent accesses your Community Resources site, she answers a few simple questions which establish a needs profile. From there, she is presented with a custom listing of community resources. The look of the site and questions used for establishing the needs profile are custom designed for each system.

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Why do Horses Need Roughage?

Roughages are feeds consisting mostly of plant and plant parts, which contain at least 18 percent crude fiber….

Cincinnati Home Builder

Looking for the right home builder to construct your dream home? Do you want your savings to be…

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The Essential Guide to Scrap Metal Collection

The Essential Guide to Scrap Metal Collection

Collecting scrap metal for recycling is a great way to help the environment. Recycling one ton of steel saves about seven hundred gallons of water and four thousand pounds of coal from being used to create new steel. But how do you go about collecting scrap metal? This guide will show how it can be done safely, with all the tips you need for how to collect scrap metal without hurting yourself or others.

Sorting the Metal:

Take apart the machine and remove all metal components. Separate these into small piles by types of material, such as steel sheeting or scrap zinc. Sort scraps according to how easy they are to recycle: ferrous (iron) materials like cast iron or car bodies; non-ferrous metals like copper wire and aluminum.

Since ferrous metals are usually in high demand, these can be sorted first. Non-ferrous scrap metal is often processed by smelting and casting to produce new products like sheet steel for construction or cans of aluminum for beverage containers.

Separate Each Type Of Metal Individual Container

Don’t mix all metals together. Each metal has a unique value and should be sorted appropriately. Keep them in their own individual containers, such as cardboard boxes or plastic tubs with tight lids to keep out moisture that can corrode metals. Use separate buckets for aluminum cans, steel beer bottles, hubcaps from automobiles, copper wire insulation from electric wires, or appliances like microwaves or air conditioners. You may also visit at https://brightstarscrapmetal.com.au/cash-for-scrap-metal/ for more details.

Clean The Scrap Metal

Clean The Scrap Metal

Scrap metal should be free of dirt, rust, and paint. Remove any lumps of coal or ash by hand with a shovel before transporting the scrap to the sorter. If you live near an impact site, such as a car where coal may have spilled onto your property, it is best to wait until rain washes away the dust before collecting chunks that are less than three inches in diameter.

Collect Scrap Metal Safely:

The scrap metal industry is vast and overwhelmingly dangerous. There are many safety considerations to be aware of before you collect your old appliances, scrapped cars, or construction materials for recycling. If handled improperly, scrap metals can cause serious injury not just to the collector but also to those around them as well.

Get Extra Money By Collecting Scrap Metal

Get Extra Money By Collecting Scrap Metal

Earning extra cash by collecting scrap metal is a great way to earn extra income. It’s also an easy and safe way for those who don’t have space or time necessary to hold on to their own scrap metal pile to find someone willing to pay top dollar for it.


Collecting scrap metal has never been easier. We are dedicated to helping our customers with all of their recycling needs and we offer a wide range of services. If you need more information on how we can help, give us a call or stop by the store today!

Why do Horses Need Roughage?

Why do Horses Need Roughage

Roughages are feeds consisting mostly of plant and plant parts, which contain at least 18 percent crude fiber. Pasture grass and hay are the most economical and popular types of roughage, although roughage is also present in grains and supplements. Types of hay include legumes, grasses, and cereal grains.

Roughage Requirements

Performance horses generally require 1.6 – 2.3 tons of hay per year. This averages out to approximately 1% of their body weight per day. (The feed requirements of a foal are considerably less, only ½ % of body weight). To determine a horse’s body weight multiply its heart girth times 2, times its body length and divide by 330. If this figure works out to 900 pounds, the horse will require 9 pounds of hay per day. This amount may vary depending on the horse’s access to good pasture and the amount of work required from the horse every day. To discover furthermore information about horses roughage, you have to check out site.

Pasture Grass

Pasture Grass

Nutrients vary with the type of grass, time of year, and geographic regions. Research the pasture in your area so it can be cultivated to meet the proper nutrient level for your horse. As grass matures, its nutrient content decreases. Generally, pasture that is a mix of grasses and legumes is ideal. Also, consider whether the pasture is for grazing only, or if it will be used for riding as well. Some grasses are more durable than others are.

Remove manure regularly to reduce the parasite population. However, properly applied composted manure, along with other organic byproducts, enhances the soil quality of grazing lands by increasing organic content and supplying valuable nutrients.

Characteristics of Good Hay

Good quality hay will have a high leaf to stem ratio, has a fresh smell and appearance, is free of weeds, dirt and trash, and has a natural bright green color. Hay should be checked before being offered to a horse to be sure that it is mold and dust free, especially if has been stored for a long period.

Nutrition and Digestibility

Many factors affect the growth and production of hay and of hay quality itself. Some of these factors are geographical region, rainfall, sunlight exposure, and soil fertility. Harvest time and maturity of the crop determines the nutritional value and digestibility of the hay. High quality hay provides more nutrients and is less likely to cause impaction colic. Although hay harvested in the spring is digested easier than other cuttings, the third cutting in the fall contains the greatest amount of nutrition.

Cincinnati Home Builder

Cincinnati Home Builder

Looking for the right home builder to construct your dream home? Do you want your savings to be used up in the most efficient manner possible? There are many ways through which you can ensure that your home is built according to your own needs and requirements. The key is to do a lot of research.

Something as extensive as getting your home built requires a lot of time where attention must be given to each and every detail. Before going ahead with your plans you need to compile a list of all, or as many as possible, the cincinnati home builder. Once the list has been compiled, it would be easier for you to contact, or even visit them, as and when required.

Cincinnati has a history of great architecture. From beautifully conceived buildings to vibrant and well-produced mega structures, you would find a rich heritage of design here, displaying the rich historical background and the cultural heritage of the region. After the American independence, Cincinnati was the first city that was founded.

The awe inspiring architecture that surrounds the region is a tribute to the importance of the region. The remarkable growth of the city is reflected by the phenomenal architecture that lies in the region.

If you require heavy construction, then narrow down the list, which you had previously complied, accordingly. With heavy construction, it is always recommended to choose an experienced and a well-known home builder. Dealing with a project on that big a scale, it is recommended not to experiment around and only contact the professionals who are known to get the job done. Contact all the builders you have included in the list.

It is always beneficial to pay a visit to these service providers to get a more detailed insight on how the whole process would come about. Get done with the selection process as soon as possible. Narrow down the list until you have found the perfect match for your project. It would be beneficial to get done with the whole list as soon as possible and get started with the whole process.

Proof of Experience

Proof of Experience

While visiting the builder, try to get an idea about his experience. Ask questions about the previous projects and see examples from his previous projects.

It is always recommended to pay a visit to the site and view the building yourself. Ask the owners about the quality of service provided to them. Try to get an idea if the project went smoothly or were there some glitches involved that you should be aware of.

Queries and Questions

Once you are done with your own research, it is time in lay in some questions. Ask the home builder cincinnati for an estimated time that would be required to finish the project. Ensure that the builder will be able to provide the results in a timely fashion. Draw out a plan together with your builder and address each and every small detail that needs to be included in the project. Discuss any and all changes that might be needed as the project goes along. Set up milestones and divide the whole plan into chunks. This will help you to manage all the work efficiently and effectively. Lastly, it is recommended to find out whether the contractor is insured or not. If so, try to get more details such as the name and location of the insurance or the bonding company. The more prepared you are, the more smoothly the project will run. Therefore it is important to do all your homework before taking a dive.

Quality Work

Once you have chosen a home builder and the project has started, keep regular checks to ensure everything is going according to plan. Cross check everything with the work plan that was drawn out earlier. This will allow you to keep the project on track, correcting any sort of deviation or minor glitches that arrive in the process.

How to Get Occupational Health Nurse Certification

How to Get Occupational Health Nurse Certification

The American Board of Occupational Health Nurses provides two different certification programs. There is the standard Certified Occupational Health Nurse plus the Specialist category for applicants with additional educational qualifications.

The first is the COHN certification. This requires no education except a current RN license. However, all candidates must have either 3000 hours of nursing work in occupational health over the past 5 years or completion of a certificate program in occupational health nursing.

The second type of certification is the COHN-S (Certified Occupational Health Nurse – Specialist). Unlike the standard certification, specialists must have at least a bachelor’s degree to get certified. They must also have either 3000 hours in occupation health nursing over the past 5 years, a completion of an occupational health nursing certificate program, or a graduate degree with a concentration in occupational health. Read this to find out new information about health nurse certification.

Below, you will see links to the handbooks for each occupational-nurse certification. Each one has its own book, so pick the right book based on your qualifications. Download these for additional information. The key points are condensed in this article for the sake of convenience.

A Word About COHN Exam References:

A Word About COHN Exam References

You can find a list of references for the COHN and COHN-S exams in each handbook. But the list is extremely large and would make it difficult to prepare for the exam. If you buy any of these textbooks, start out with the main textbook. For example, the AAOHN Core Curriculum Study Guide would be a good one to put at the top of your list.

Now, once you have studied the main reference materials, you can take a COHN practice test to see where you are at in terms of preparation. Test takers for both the COHN and COHN-S can get the CSAT, which is the Certification Self Assessment Test. As of July 2011, the price is $50 for this set of COHN practice questions.


There is an application fee of $125. Make sure you are eligible to take the test. This fee is nonrefundable. There is a separate $350 exam fee. These fee amounts are the same for both the COHN and COHN-S. A few months ago, the Workplace Relations Ministers’ Council agreed for uniform laws on Occupational Health and Safety in Australia. These new laws will apply to all Australian territories and will do away with varied OHS laws that are currently in place. The WRMC has asked the Safe Work Australia Council to begin drafting the model OHS management systems and laws in accordance with its decisions.

The WRMC agreed that the primary duty should not be limited to the workplace and has emphasized that the scope of the primary duty of care must not go beyond OHS so that it applies to areas of general public safety.

Using a voluntary standard as a model, develop a safety management system using the plan-do-act methodology. This will provide discrete measures and move your program from gray to a more black and white one.

The Beauty of Rosewood Furniture

The Beauty of Rosewood Furniture

Where to Find It

If you are looking for a classy look for your home, then you should take a look at rosewood furniture. Rosewood is normally used just as a veneer, but solid rosewood furniture is also made and available for people looking to add a touch of elegance to their homes.

Rosewood Itself

The color of rosewood is a deep purple to red brown color. The pieces of rosewood that you will find are often very decorative, and this is why they are so popular. Another reason why it is popular with carpenters is because it is very easy to work with. The wood may not be as durable as other woods used to make furniture, but it does have a fair amount of strength.

Finding Rosewood for Making Furniture

Rosewood is often used as a term for several different exotic hard woods. These woods are often quite heavy and fairly durable. There are many different shades, tones and colors for your rosewood furniture.

You need to work out how much rosewood you need for your project. Rosewood can be very expensive, so it is a good idea to work this out beforehand. To make rosewood furniture you will probably need a fair amount of rosewood, so this is why it’s sensible to calculate the cost before you get to work.

Rosewood as noted above is a term that can be used to describe lots of different exotic dark colored woods, so you need to be sure that what you are buying is indeed solid rosewood.

It is a good idea to talk to local carpenters and crafts people to ask for advice on rosewood furniture and the uniqueness of the wood itself. They will be able to give you hints and tips as well as help you find what it is that you are looking for. They will probably be more than happy to help you.

Rosewood furniture can add that extra special elegance to your home, or any room in your home. You can impress your friends and family with your gorgeous hand crafted rosewood piece and before you know it, everyone will be interested to know where you got it and how much it cost!

Although rosewood may be more expensive than other more common woods that are used for furniture, the quality and attractiveness is well worth the extra money. So, if rosewood is what you are looking for, then start shopping around today!

Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosewood

Best Nail Gun for Hardie Siding- Things You Need to Know

Best Nail Gun for Hardie Siding

Hardie siding has become trendy across the USA, and the figure shows that more than 8 million homes are made from Hardie siding in the United States. Hardie siding is one of the secure materials to use for the buildings.

The major items of Hardie siding are wood fibers and cement. You need to push metal nails to fix the Hardie siding, but you need the best nail gun for Hardie siding. We will guide you about what type of gun is best for Hardie siding.

Why is Hardie Siding better than other materials?

Hardie Siding is becoming trendy due to many reasons, such as it is extremely resilient. Its basic material, wood fibers, and cement provide excellent features. Hardie siding is waterproof, resistant to bugs, fire-proof, and offers greater resistance against weather changes. 

The most convincing thing is that Hardie siding has an average life of more than fifty years, and it also gives you options to make several designs that provide a very charming and beautiful look to your house.

Why is nailing necessary for Hardie Siding?

Hardie siding connects in the shape of patches, and for connecting these patches, you need strong nails. Previously it does with a hammer which was a ridiculous job. But modern nail guns have solved that problem and make it pretty easy; you need the best nail gun for Hardie siding and then set for work.

What is the best gun for Hardie Siding?

You know well that the performance of your work is closely connected with the performance of your tool.

If you have a good tool, it will make your project easy to complete with accuracy and perfection, but a wrong tool will increase your burden and waste your precious time.

You may find many nail guns for Hardie siding, but what the best nail gun for Hardie siding is, depends on your choice after considering certain features. Below we will guide you with some features that will help you choose the best nail gun for the Hardie siding project.

Power and Speed

Hardie Siding installation is a challenging task, the surface is harder, and you need a gun that comes with the best power provider and gives maximum speed to complete your work perfectly and fast.

Only the best power and speed nail gun can make you achieve your Hardie siding project with accuracy and a professional outlook.

So before choosing the gun, make sure you have decided on the right nail gun that provides enough power and speed for pushing the nails in the Hardie siding surface with fewer efforts.

Size of the Gun

You will see many nail guns for Hardie siding that come in a variety of sizes. But what is the better size for you? It depends on your Hardie surface specification and you.

You should choose such a powerful gun that requires your Hardie siding, and you also carry it with ease.

If you get the bigger gun, it will tire you early, and your interest will also lose in your project. So try to get the right gun that makes you comfortable to work.

Time Saving

Time is your money, so always try to get the nail gun that works efficiently and can work for a longer time and quicker to save your time.

For that purpose, it is better to choose a nail gun that is friendly to use, and you can easily operate the nail gun without facing any trouble.


Never compromise of quality of Nail gun for the Hardie siding project. Your Hardie siding project is a costly project that leaves for years and generations, so does that work with interest and enthusiasm.

You can save your money by compromising on brand quality while choosing simple home projects, but when it comes to picking the nail gun for Hardie siding, you should be more vigilant.

Always try to get the best one for that project to ensure the best quality Hardie siding experience. It will also make your work simpler and will save your work.

Only a quality nail gun will make you complete your project professionally but with fewer skills and efforts.

Easy nails management

Nailing is a simple task, but it becomes painful when you face problems loading the nails and removing the jammed staples. Loading nails is a must, but jammed nails also occur frequently, especially when you did not load the nails properly in the magazine.

So always try to get the nail gun that comes with an easy process of loading the nails, and if the nail jammed in the magazine, it would also be easy to remove the pins from the magazine. It will save your time and efforts.


The magazine is one of the essential parts of nail guns; when you choose the nail gun for the Hardie siding, you should choose the best magazine-equipped nail gun.

There are two popular magazines design available in nail guns. The straight magazine and the coiled magazine are both designed for different purposes.

The straight magazine is suitable for small projects; it carries fewer nails, making it easy to load and remove. But the coil magazine comes with extra space for nails, and you can load many staples at a time, which makes it suitable for professional projects. So for the Hardie siding projects, a coiled magazine containing nail guns is better to choose.

Safe Firing Mechanism

Your safety is important, so always try to get the nail gun that comes with a secure firing system. The Firing Mechanism is also important with the performance of the nail gun.

You have choices to choose the contact firing mechanism or single sequential mechanism. But Single sequential mechanism is safer and also quicker to complete your projects.

Final Thoughts

Hardie siding is the best option in materials to choose for safe and beautiful houses. It is becoming trendy, but you also need nailing for Hardie siding projects.

For perfect Hardie Siding projects, you need the best nail gun for Hardie siding. You can choose the best one by following the above guidelines.

Us Open Golf Live Stream: How to Watch on Your TV in the USA

Us Open Golf Live Stream

One of the major golf tournaments of the year, the US Open, returns to television this June. It’s a never-miss event for the golf fans. So, if you own a TV, you might want to know how to watch the US Open golf live stream on your tv.

This article will tell you about the five best tv networks to enjoy an exciting event. Continue reading till the end to get all the information.

5 Best TV Networks to Watch 2021 Us Open Golf live Stream in the USA

5 Best TV Networks to Watch 2021 Us Open Golf live Stream in the USA

Though many TV networks will stream the US Open, not every channel is a good option. Therefore, we’ve selected the five best ways to enjoy the tournament on your TV. They are:

1.   Hulu TV

Hulu TV is one of the most used TV networks across the USA. The good thing is you can watch the whole US Open golf here. The network is relatively stable, which is why we suggest you use this.

However, if you haven’t subscribed to Hulu, you can do that anytime. The subscription option starts at only $39.99 per month. Besides, you’ll also get 7 days of a free trial. After that, select the best package according to your need.

2.   YouTube TV

YouTube TV has been popular lately. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy all your favorite television shows. Sports, entertainment, documentaries, everything is available on YouTube TV.

And good for golf fans, you also can watch the US Open golf tournament live.

You can subscribe to YouTube TV for only $40 per month. It’s equivalent to the subscription fee of Hulu TV but offers more channels. However, YouTube doesn’t offer any free trial. But you can trust the quality.

3.   Roku TV

Roku TV is one of the most popular TV networks in the USA. If you have a stable internet connection, you can enjoy it anywhere. So many sports channels are available in the network. So, you can stream the US Open golf live on Roku TV.

One of the best parts of this streaming platform is that you don’t need to pay any fee. It’s completely free. You only need to pay for premium platforms like Netflix. For other TV channels, you can enjoy them for free, including the US Open golf championship.

4.   Sling TV

If you’re on a budget, then Sling TV can be the best option for you. It provides an amazing viewing experience with real-time action—no delay like some other TV stations. Additionally, the subscription plan is quite affordable.

The basic plan of Sling TV starts only at $25 per month. Cheapest plan on this list. Moreover, you’ll get 7 days of free trial to test their network. So, if you don’t like it during the trial, you can cancel the subscription anytime.

5.   Fubo TV

If you want to enjoy the whole tournament from the USA, then what can be better than Fubo TV? It offers you a lot of tv channels. Besides, you’ll get a premium experience. FuboTV is excellent for watching sports.

However, a great experience comes with a cost. The subscription plan of FuboTV starts at $45 per month, which is slightly higher than the others on the list. But the extra bucks are worth paying.

Besides these television networks, you also can watch the US Open golf on PlayStation Vue, and fox sports go. The above five are best in our opinion.

Final Words

We hope you’ll enjoy the US Open golf live stream on your television without any hassle. To have an excellent sporting experience, you don’t need to go to the venue. It’s all possible in your room with your TV. Hulu, YouTube, Roku, etc., all are great options. You can go for any one of them.

Reneged Promises of Data Destruction on Snapchat: Will Anything Really Be Gone From the Internet?

Reneged Promises of Data Destruction on Snapchat

Just as we were hearing so much about all the strong possibilities of Snapchat in casual communication and business marketing, the company suddenly faces the prospects of lying about their own product. With the Federal Trade Commission calling them out this week for their claims of messages and photos being deleted forever, it could be that Snapchat’s main marketing message has just been obliterated. That’s because hackers have found ways to retrieve messages from Snapchat. Also, the FTC has said anyone can easily retrieve Snapchat messages and photos simply by connecting to a PC and digging into storage folders to find them.

It just goes to prove that any claims you see about online media disappearing completely into the ether may never be true. But will there ever be a way for anything to disappear on the net so it can’t be found anywhere? That turns into a near metaphysical question pondering whether something is really gone or not after it’s destroyed, especially life.

The connections between what’s digital and real life shouldn’t necessarily be counted out. While the movie “Tron” and its recent sequel pointed out the parallels to what goes on inside a computer with how a human brain might work, we may eventually get to a new stage. It may reach a point where artificial intelligence keeps memories of something deep in the recesses of its circuitry, no matter how many steps we took to scrub something from the digital record.

So far, the best we can do to get a reasonable assumption of something being gone from the Internet is go through the oracle itself: Google. By using their removal request service, they usually do a good job of removing things so they at least don’t show up in a Google search. Other times you have to write websites yourself to get them to remove content that may reference you mistakenly and turn up in search results, check more details here.

I had the above happen to me once where a local person with a similar name to my own was arrested for a heinous crime. The online newspaper reporting his name misspelled the person’s last name so it read exactly like my name. This led to the write-up about the criminal showing up in Google results under my persona. After writing the newspaper about the situation, they removed it, and it eventually disappeared from search engines.

Regardless, I still wonder if that misprint still exists somewhere in the bowels of the Internet where it might show up again through some kind of digital regurgitation.

As a society, we may have to make a decision whether we really want everything that happens on the net to be archived or if we prefer to go the way of the Mayans and leave little to no record of our reality.

What Method of Archiving Will People Prefer?


With Twitter already archiving everything we tweet in the Library of Congress, will future generations read back everything we were so gleefully talking about? Some people who use Twitter as a mere playground may bristle at the thought their digital legacy may be nothing but playing hashtag games or random half-thoughts. No matter the red faces, there isn’t much that can be done to make it disappear thanks to Twitter’s actions.

Nevertheless, we know plenty of witty, eloquent, and poignant tweets still exist in the archive that shows society at its ultimate best when a major news event took place. Even the ones who only use social media for play have conveyed words of wisdom that future societies will find interesting.

We’re already starting to get acclimated to the reality of our private information always having the risk of being hacked, yet we turn it all off and keep enjoying our time online. Once we accept that nothing is really gone on the net, we’ll probably feel better we’re leaving a trail of reality for future sociologists to absorb. The most erudite person is even going to have their share of embarrassments in the record, so we’re all in together as the human race.

Perhaps someday, however, we’ll find out whether artificial intelligence has a true memory that won’t forget anything we’ve written. No matter if it says it’s gone, we’ll have our first mistrust of artificial intelligence when we tell them it’s a bald-faced lie.

Advantages of Buying a New Construction Home

Advantages of Buying a New Construction Home

Newly constructed (tract) homes have distinct advantages over used homes. I have owned and sold both and without a doubt, I prefer new. Here are just some of the benefits my clients and I have enjoyed; I hope you find them useful, click here.

1. For less than a custom home would cost, you can semi-customize a new construction home. While your home is being built, you can add features you want and need without having to settle for what the previous owner selected.

2. New homes save you money on utilities, since they have the latest in energy efficiency standards. Among the energy features, new homes have dual pane windows and better insulation. If allowed I recommend insulation between the floors of a two story home, to cut down on the noise factor.

3. The latest Building codes, which vary state by state, contribute to giving you a quality home. In California after the Northridge earthquake of 1997, building codes were improved. The shear wall standard was modified to make the homes less rigid during a quake, thereby helping reduce the damage in future earthquakes.

4. New homes tend to have the latest in technological advances in wiring and lighting. There will be a greater number of standard phone jacks and outlets. If you feel you still need more, or have an unusual place for one, you can have it installed before the home is finished, just as you would a custom home..

5. If you choose to keep the standard carpet for a number of years, I recommend upgrading the pad. This will make the carpet more comfortable and last longer.

6. One way you can save money while semi- customizing your home, is to add upgraded fixtures after the close of escrow. For example if you really want exquisite bath fixtures, compare the Builders price with an outside price. Again, it is a matter of being handy or having friends and being OK with spending the time and energy to save some money.

7. Please remember, if you buy any upgrades through the Builder and put them into a loan, you will be paying interest on those upgrades for as long as you have the loan. The added expense will raise your recorded sales price, which will affect the amount of property taxes you pay. Sometimes it is worth it, I just want you to be aware of this.

8. Always negotiate. Don’t insult the Builder, but ask for a little more than you expect to receive. Be prepared to negotiate the difference, but it is possible you may get what you want. My motto is ” if you don’t ask, you don’t receive”. Write that down on a card and keep it with you if you are shy, and read it before you talk to the Sales Agent. Another way to put it, is what I have always told my girls “if you don’t ask, it’s an automatic “NO”.

9. Remember almost all Builders have mark ups on their upgrades. They pay wholesale or less and charge you retail or higher. When negotiating, if you ask for upgrades instead of asking the Builder to lower the sales price, he is usually more willing. You can also play this by knowing there is a mark up, and knowing that most of the time the Builder’s cost was a lot less than he is charging..You could have the Builder give you some of those upgraded features you want as part of the purchase of the home. Just ask.

10. If you are purchasing after there have been some move-ins in the community, you should knock on a few doors and talk to the buyers and ask them how they like the Builder. If they are happy or unhappy, they are usually eager to tell you, but be sure you ask more than one homeowner.

No one can deny the emotional excitement most people have in being the first to live in a home. There is nothing quite like being the first to use the cabinets and appliances or have a bubble bath in a new tub surrounded by candles.

I always smile when I think of one client whose main advantage to purchasing a new home was the assurance it would not be haunted, since there were no previous owners. There are many more reasons; perhaps you will find your own. I wish you the best.

This is part of a series on Home Buying and Selling. Also see…”Beginning Steps to Purchasing a Home” and “Advantages of Buying a Model Home” both by Christin Kuper

Clorox Kitchen Cleanup

Clorox Kitchen Cleanup

Seldom do I get excited about a cleaning product. However, as my friends know, I am as lazy as one can get. However, I can’t stand dirt. Terrible combination, right? And, I don’t have much spare time during the day to pick up every tiny piece of lint or clean up every tiny smudge or spill. I work full time and even though it’s at home, I don’t want to take the time to clean up every time I spot a problem.

However – that was last month. Once I found Clorox Kitchen Cleanup I realized I now have time to clean up the tiny spills and spots that my menagerie of kitties cause on a regular basis, read more from here.

As opposed to a few weeks before, I would see dirt, choose an appropriate product from under my kitchen sink, run to clean up, and then replace the product. I would do this multiple times during the day.

With this new Clorox spray bottle, I now clean everything in my house with the same product! Kitchen spills, bathroom tubs, showers, paw prints on doors, inside the fridge, the top of my range, oven hoods, and everywhere else!

This not only smells like bleach – which equals “clean” in my book – it cleans better. Keeping in mind that bleach doesn’t really clean, it only kills germs, this product does both. Quickly and effectively.

I have cleaned up after kitty accidents, coffee spills, and muddy paw prints on the floor. It not only takes up all the dirt, it doesn’t harm granite, tile, stainless steel or paint and wallpaper. I needed to clean up some spaghetti sauce from my kitchen wall (don’t ask…) and it came off quickly without leaving any residue behind. Even my “magic sponges” can’t do this type of work!

I then decided to try it on my white Jacuzzi. My cats think this Jacuzzi is their personal play area. Even though I rarely use it myself, I need to clean it about three times a week because it is covered in paw prints and kitty fur. With this Clorox clean up spray, all the marks disappear quickly, no need to scrub, and I still have that lingering “bleachy” smell for hours later.

When my mop can’t completely take up the dirt from my white Mexican tile floor, I spray some of this Clorox Cleanup and – it’s gone. No special sponges, no elbow grease. No matter what is on the floor, it gets cleaned up without a fight.

I no longer have multiple products under my sink. I threw them out. I now use only Clorox Kitchen Cleanup all over the house and the results are better than any product I used before. I keep one in each room!

This far outperforms any Lysol spray or even other competing Clorox products. Even though it’s not supposed to be used on carpeting, I sprayed an area where a bloody paw print had appeared on a pale beige rug…and it disappeared completely with no damage to the fibers.

Most dollar stores have the average size container for about $4.00. I’d pay double if I had to!