How Fast Do Soccer Balls Go

How Fast Do Soccer Balls Go

An average Soccer ball can go up to 80 miles per hour. A professional player can kick at this accuracy, but it required so much practice to hit that speed for a standard player.

Accurate and fast kicking is directly proportional to go ball faster. It depends on the intensity of how hard you kick the ball. The harder you kick, the harder it goes. A soccer player knows the worth of a good kick how it benefited their team.

Do you want to know how fast the soccer ball goes? Stay here with us to learn more about that.

How fast can you kick a soccer ball?

Going back in History, Ronny Heberson kicks the ball fastest up to the speed of 132 miles per hour. He makes a Guinness world book record, And It’s still challenging; no one can beat that record. However, waiting for a remarkable player to beat that score.

You have always listened to practice makes the man perfect. Thus, with the case here. Numerous players try to give their best to hit the soccer ball and achieve their desired speed numbers.

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Which points increase the speed of the ball?

Yes, there are some factors which help the player to kick the shoot with power and accuracy. Some of the points are as follows;

Quality ball:

To have a good goal, you need to have a quality ball. A quality ball’s characteristics must be spherical and have 22 padded sides with a quality bladder, leather body, 68 to 70 circumference, and a maximum of 440 grams.

Fast kicking move:

If you want to go your ball fastest. You have to know the particular moves. According to research, it is stated that if you kick the ball with your toes. It gradually speeds up. And secondly, when you are going to kick the ball.

You have to put proper concentration on it. Just put your technique in your mind how accurately moves you have to kick it.

You have to notice are you swinging the ball with your feats or in a rush to kick it; decide it before and remember one thing. If you hit the ball correctly, you are giving it the same power that it needed. Sometimes players swing their feet widely; then the ball never grips that speed.

Improve mental speed:

I don’t know why players always skip this point, while that’s the most important point one should emphasize.

The first thing you have to improve your mental speed is exercise. Or you can do sprint drills to increase your speed. You have to walk 25 meters daily by relaxing your arms straightly do 5 to 6 drills daily; you can enhance your mental speed through this.

You may try an acceleration drill to respond immediately. This improves your focus power along with speeding up reaction back skills. Jog for 5 yards, then does acceleration drills.

More often, try to walk a ladder. Yes, it maintained your posture and helped you try different new techniques and moves all over; athletes like to try new activities.

And most of them all do practice for free kicking. It is the easiest way to get a faster soccer ball kick. Learn more about an official match soccer ball.

Final Thoughts:

You have gone through our article about how fast soccer balls go? We hope you have known well about the fast speed of soccer balls.

We have tried our best to provide you the right information about soccer ball speed and some tips for the hard kick, which gives you the ball more speed to reach fast in opponent goal.