Clorox Kitchen Cleanup

Clorox Kitchen Cleanup

Seldom do I get excited about a cleaning product. However, as my friends know, I am as lazy as one can get. However, I can’t stand dirt. Terrible combination, right? And, I don’t have much spare time during the day to pick up every tiny piece of lint or clean up every tiny smudge or spill. I work full time and even though it’s at home, I don’t want to take the time to clean up every time I spot a problem.

However – that was last month. Once I found Clorox Kitchen Cleanup I realized I now have time to clean up the tiny spills and spots that my menagerie of kitties cause on a regular basis, read more from here.

As opposed to a few weeks before, I would see dirt, choose an appropriate product from under my kitchen sink, run to clean up, and then replace the product. I would do this multiple times during the day.

With this new Clorox spray bottle, I now clean everything in my house with the same product! Kitchen spills, bathroom tubs, showers, paw prints on doors, inside the fridge, the top of my range, oven hoods, and everywhere else!

This not only smells like bleach – which equals “clean” in my book – it cleans better. Keeping in mind that bleach doesn’t really clean, it only kills germs, this product does both. Quickly and effectively.

I have cleaned up after kitty accidents, coffee spills, and muddy paw prints on the floor. It not only takes up all the dirt, it doesn’t harm granite, tile, stainless steel or paint and wallpaper. I needed to clean up some spaghetti sauce from my kitchen wall (don’t ask…) and it came off quickly without leaving any residue behind. Even my “magic sponges” can’t do this type of work!

I then decided to try it on my white Jacuzzi. My cats think this Jacuzzi is their personal play area. Even though I rarely use it myself, I need to clean it about three times a week because it is covered in paw prints and kitty fur. With this Clorox clean up spray, all the marks disappear quickly, no need to scrub, and I still have that lingering “bleachy” smell for hours later.

When my mop can’t completely take up the dirt from my white Mexican tile floor, I spray some of this Clorox Cleanup and – it’s gone. No special sponges, no elbow grease. No matter what is on the floor, it gets cleaned up without a fight.

I no longer have multiple products under my sink. I threw them out. I now use only Clorox Kitchen Cleanup all over the house and the results are better than any product I used before. I keep one in each room!

This far outperforms any Lysol spray or even other competing Clorox products. Even though it’s not supposed to be used on carpeting, I sprayed an area where a bloody paw print had appeared on a pale beige rug…and it disappeared completely with no damage to the fibers.

Most dollar stores have the average size container for about $4.00. I’d pay double if I had to!