Handling Cat Related Problems

The gift of having pets

Having pets in the home is one of the best ways of improving one’s mood and staying happy. A day of tiresome work followed by some love from your pets surely eases up your tiredness and gives you a huge sense of relief. Pets can be in the form of canines i.e. dogs, felines i.e. cats, birds, and many small animals. Irrespective of their type, the bonding that a pet and its owner share are very pure and unbreakable. But owning a pet also has its share of problems, in terms of handling them at times when their mood is not good or does not resonate with their normal activities. This article solely describes the cat problem and discusses mainly on why is my cat pooping on my bed.

why is my cat pooping on my bed

The causes

There can be several causes of why your pet cat poops over your bed. Some of the common and popular ones are listed below: –

  • Does not like its own litter space

Cats are well known for maintaining their own litter box, where post-training, they keep the habit of urinating and pooping within that only and then cover up the same of their own. But, if it starts pooping out of that box, then it can be either due to the following reasons-

  • The material of the box i.e. the cat might not like the same and would not be feeling comfortable over pooping on that material. The factor of cleanliness of that material also comes into action at that point.
  • The volume of the box also defines the cat’s comfort level and its insufficiency might be another reason.
  • The location of the box might not be convenient to the cat, thus further adding to the cause of pooping outside of the box.
  • A combination of the above three causes causing this irregular behavior
  • IllnessIt can also be another probable reason for this erratic pooping by the cat. Diseases like stomach infection, intestinal problems, irritable bowel movement etc. might be adding fuel for the cat’s urge to poop over the bed i.e. outside of its litter box as the cat automatically starts thinking of her illness to be caused by the litter box itself.
  • Mood and situational behaviorCats are very sensitive animals and can get affected by their nearby surroundings easily. Any adverse change in the same would cause them to act in a very odd and unpleasant manner. For example, when the owner stays out for a long duration, the cat poops over the bed to show how it was missing him or her and this is an indication of the overall mood of the pet.
  • InsecurityOften with the arrival of some other pet, the cats start feeling insecure over their territorial authority and retaliate to the same by showing angry and erratic behavior, one of which includes pooping over the bed. This is to show that it feels uncomfortable over its owner sharing his or her affection with some other pet.
  • Fear the cat might be afraid of some element in the house that gives it chills and makes it litter anywhere outside of its designated box.

How to deal with these issues

After understanding the answers to the questions of why is my cat pooping on my bed, now the time is to find some suitable solutions for the same. The following are some of the best and effective ones to deal with such kinds of problems: –

  • One must consult the veterinary doctor immediately after witnessing such issues. In this manner, one can detect if the animal is facing some form of health issue that is causing it the pain and hence making it poop over the bed or not.
  • If the cause is not health-related, then one can go with changing the litter box completely and see if the cat feels comfortable in it, so that it does not continue its pooping habit over the bed.
  • If the cat still continues the bad habit, then one can make the bed inaccessible to it by spraying some scent over the same which the animal does not like, or using some weird animal such that it would avoid going near that place again.
  • One can start spending more and more time with his or her pet to make it feel comfortable and remove its loneliness.