What is the Maximum Length of Glass for Frameless Glass Railing

What is the Maximum Length of Glass for Frameless Glass Railing?

Frameless glasses replace the framed glasses in balconies and staircases and give a stunning look and excellent security to you and your family.

Railing glasses are used for many years, but a modern concept is frameless glass railing. Its installation is quite simple and gives a better look than the framed glasses railing. 

While there are no frames in the frameless glass railing, there is a need to make a proper installation. What is more important in the installation is the size of the glasses, read more from here

Due to no support, you need to cut the proper length glasses that ensure good performance in the future. How would you decide what should be the length of glasses? No need to worry; we will guide you about that in our article on what is the maximum length of glass for frameless glass railing?

What Should be the Maximum Length of Glass for Frameless Glass Railing?

There are different recommended lengths of glasses for different areas. It depends on the needs of the place where you are installing the frameless glasses.

You can install the glass rails in your balconies, walls, and around the pool, etc. It depends on the area; different lengths are recommended for other areas.

What Glass Length Required for the Balcony?

When you install the frameless glass rail on your balcony, use a recommended length of glass not more than 70 mm. Otherwise, it will not be beneficial and chances to become loose.

What Glass Length Required for Walls?

When you need to install a frameless glass rail between two walls, then do not take more than 3.3 meters of glass cuttings for the rail; there is no support, so more than 3.3 meters of glass cutting will be difficult to fix.

Never go with more because due to the glass’s weight, it becomes difficult to maintain its balance and damage bad weather and storms.

What Glass Length Required for Pool Fencing?

Now it is a trend to use frameless glass rails for pool fencing. A glass railing for the pool fencing is a good experience and gives more strength to the pool than a simple wall.

The glass used in these glass railings have a thickness of more than 12 mm that is enough and makes it hard than a metal.

But when you are cutting the glass for the frameless railings, you can cut a maximum of 1200 mm pieces for the pool fencing.

A recommendation is from 900 mm to 1200 mm glass cutting is better for pool fencing. Never go with more than 1200mm if you want better fencing for your pool.

Final Thoughts:

Frameless glass rails are becoming trendy worldwide because they look more beautiful than framed glasses due to no frame support.

The essential thing in frameless glass rails is the glass length. When you do not support the glass rails, then size is the way that helps it to make it firm.

Have we provided you with some details in our article on the maximum length of glass for frameless glass railing?