What is ProHydrolase and How Does it Help You

What is ProHydrolase and How Does it Help You?

ProHydrolase is a digestive enzyme that aids in the digestion of Casein. Casein, otherwise known as whey protein, is notorious for causing digestive discomfort and is extremely slow to digest. For this reason, it is recommended that you consume small amounts of ProHydrolase to get the maximum benefit. However, if you’re unsure about how it works, read on to find out how it can help you.

Enhances amino acid absorption

Enhances amino acid absorption

The patented enzyme ProHydrolase is an excellent addition to whey protein supplements. Added to the powdered protein, this enzyme increases amino acid absorption by up to 20%. Although whey is generally considered a good source of amino acids, some people experience discomfort if it is not absorbed fully. In order to remedy this problem, PROTEIN+ has ProHydrolase, which is a digestive enzyme patented by the company.

In a recent clinical study, a team from Deerland Probiotics and Enzymes found that ProHydrolase significantly enhanced amino acid absorption in resistance exercisers with an elevated level of blood aminoacidemia. Specifically, this supplement increased plasma levels of leucine, an essential amino acid for muscle growth and maintenance. This increase was further accompanied by reduced stress-related signaling molecules.

Reduces digestive discomfort

Reduces digestive discomfort

Deerland Enzymes has produced a proprietary enzyme blend called ProHydrolase, which breaks down protein into smaller peptides that can be used by the body. This enzyme improves muscle recovery and decreases digestive discomfort by increasing blood amino acid levels. In addition to whey and other proteins, ProHydrolase is also effective for hemp and soy protein.

Enzymes are proteins that catalyze biochemical reactions. They are important for human metabolism and are responsible for many mild conditions. They are also critical for maintaining body temperature and pH. Unlike other enzyme supplements, which break down their substrates, enzymes continue to react even in heat or moisture. ProHydrolase helps the body absorb protein, which is essential for muscle growth and strength.

Improves casein digestion

An enzyme blend can enhance casein digestion and absorption. Casein is a slow-digesting protein found in milk. It contains all nine essential amino acids but is prone to allergenicity. By improving casein digestion, users can avoid developing a milk allergy. This enzyme also boosts muscle recovery and buildup. It is patented under the Natural Product Number (NPN) regulations of Canada.

The structure of casein is very sensitive to hydrolysis by digestive enzymes. It is therefore known as a slow-release protein. It feeds cells over a long period of time and reduces the total amount of protein burned for fuel. Additionally, casein has anti-catabolic properties, reducing muscle breakdown. During weight loss, casein supplementation slows the breakdown of protein, which may result in increased muscle growth.

Increases leucine levels

Increases leucine levels

Leucine is an essential amino acid. When consumed in sufficient quantities, it modulates the composition of the dietary amino acids. It enhances glucose tolerance, lowers body fat, and protects against obesity. Leucine deprivation in mice results in rapid fat loss, although it can have long-term negative effects, including weakness and mental fatigue. However, optimal leucine concentration can reduce fat mass and enhance metabolism.

Using the proprietary blend of protease enzymes, ProHydrolase has been found to increase leucine levels in the blood. The enzyme is delivered in a proprietary enzymatic matrix. The enzymes contained in the formula include a protease from Bacillus subtilis and bromelain from the pineapple. All three substances increase leucine levels in the blood.

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