Us Open Golf Live Stream

Us Open Golf Live Stream: How to Watch on Your TV in the USA

One of the major golf tournaments of the year, the US Open, returns to television this June. It’s a never-miss event for the golf fans. So, if you own a TV, you might want to know how to watch the US Open golf live stream on your tv.

This article will tell you about the five best tv networks to enjoy an exciting event. Continue reading till the end to get all the information.

5 Best TV Networks to Watch 2021 Us Open Golf live Stream in the USA

5 Best TV Networks to Watch 2021 Us Open Golf live Stream in the USA

Though many TV networks will stream the US Open, not every channel is a good option. Therefore, we’ve selected the five best ways to enjoy the tournament on your TV. They are:

1.   Hulu TV

Hulu TV is one of the most used TV networks across the USA. The good thing is you can watch the whole US Open golf here. The network is relatively stable, which is why we suggest you use this.

However, if you haven’t subscribed to Hulu, you can do that anytime. The subscription option starts at only $39.99 per month. Besides, you’ll also get 7 days of a free trial. After that, select the best package according to your need.

2.   YouTube TV

YouTube TV has been popular lately. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy all your favorite television shows. Sports, entertainment, documentaries, everything is available on YouTube TV.

And good for golf fans, you also can watch the US Open golf tournament live.

You can subscribe to YouTube TV for only $40 per month. It’s equivalent to the subscription fee of Hulu TV but offers more channels. However, YouTube doesn’t offer any free trial. But you can trust the quality.

3.   Roku TV

Roku TV is one of the most popular TV networks in the USA. If you have a stable internet connection, you can enjoy it anywhere. So many sports channels are available in the network. So, you can stream the US Open golf live on Roku TV.

One of the best parts of this streaming platform is that you don’t need to pay any fee. It’s completely free. You only need to pay for premium platforms like Netflix. For other TV channels, you can enjoy them for free, including the US Open golf championship.

4.   Sling TV

If you’re on a budget, then Sling TV can be the best option for you. It provides an amazing viewing experience with real-time action—no delay like some other TV stations. Additionally, the subscription plan is quite affordable.

The basic plan of Sling TV starts only at $25 per month. Cheapest plan on this list. Moreover, you’ll get 7 days of free trial to test their network. So, if you don’t like it during the trial, you can cancel the subscription anytime.

5.   Fubo TV

If you want to enjoy the whole tournament from the USA, then what can be better than Fubo TV? It offers you a lot of tv channels. Besides, you’ll get a premium experience. FuboTV is excellent for watching sports.

However, a great experience comes with a cost. The subscription plan of FuboTV starts at $45 per month, which is slightly higher than the others on the list. But the extra bucks are worth paying.

Besides these television networks, you also can watch the US Open golf on PlayStation Vue, and fox sports go. The above five are best in our opinion.

Final Words

We hope you’ll enjoy the US Open golf live stream on your television without any hassle. To have an excellent sporting experience, you don’t need to go to the venue. It’s all possible in your room with your TV. Hulu, YouTube, Roku, etc., all are great options. You can go for any one of them.