Best Nail Gun for Hardie Siding

Best Nail Gun for Hardie Siding- Things You Need to Know

Hardie siding has become trendy across the USA, and the figure shows that more than 8 million homes are made from Hardie siding in the United States. Hardie siding is one of the secure materials to use for the buildings.

The major items of Hardie siding are wood fibers and cement. You need to push metal nails to fix the Hardie siding, but you need the best nail gun for Hardie siding. We will guide you about what type of gun is best for Hardie siding.

Why is Hardie Siding better than other materials?

Hardie Siding is becoming trendy due to many reasons, such as it is extremely resilient. Its basic material, wood fibers, and cement provide excellent features. Hardie siding is waterproof, resistant to bugs, fire-proof, and offers greater resistance against weather changes. 

The most convincing thing is that Hardie siding has an average life of more than fifty years, and it also gives you options to make several designs that provide a very charming and beautiful look to your house.

Why is nailing necessary for Hardie Siding?

Hardie siding connects in the shape of patches, and for connecting these patches, you need strong nails. Previously it does with a hammer which was a ridiculous job. But modern nail guns have solved that problem and make it pretty easy; you need the best nail gun for Hardie siding and then set for work.

What is the best gun for Hardie Siding?

You know well that the performance of your work is closely connected with the performance of your tool.

If you have a good tool, it will make your project easy to complete with accuracy and perfection, but a wrong tool will increase your burden and waste your precious time.

You may find many nail guns for Hardie siding, but what the best nail gun for Hardie siding is, depends on your choice after considering certain features. Below we will guide you with some features that will help you choose the best nail gun for the Hardie siding project.

Power and Speed

Hardie Siding installation is a challenging task, the surface is harder, and you need a gun that comes with the best power provider and gives maximum speed to complete your work perfectly and fast.

Only the best power and speed nail gun can make you achieve your Hardie siding project with accuracy and a professional outlook.

So before choosing the gun, make sure you have decided on the right nail gun that provides enough power and speed for pushing the nails in the Hardie siding surface with fewer efforts.

Size of the Gun

You will see many nail guns for Hardie siding that come in a variety of sizes. But what is the better size for you? It depends on your Hardie surface specification and you.

You should choose such a powerful gun that requires your Hardie siding, and you also carry it with ease.

If you get the bigger gun, it will tire you early, and your interest will also lose in your project. So try to get the right gun that makes you comfortable to work.

Time Saving

Time is your money, so always try to get the nail gun that works efficiently and can work for a longer time and quicker to save your time.

For that purpose, it is better to choose a nail gun that is friendly to use, and you can easily operate the nail gun without facing any trouble.


Never compromise of quality of Nail gun for the Hardie siding project. Your Hardie siding project is a costly project that leaves for years and generations, so does that work with interest and enthusiasm.

You can save your money by compromising on brand quality while choosing simple home projects, but when it comes to picking the nail gun for Hardie siding, you should be more vigilant.

Always try to get the best one for that project to ensure the best quality Hardie siding experience. It will also make your work simpler and will save your work.

Only a quality nail gun will make you complete your project professionally but with fewer skills and efforts.

Easy nails management

Nailing is a simple task, but it becomes painful when you face problems loading the nails and removing the jammed staples. Loading nails is a must, but jammed nails also occur frequently, especially when you did not load the nails properly in the magazine.

So always try to get the nail gun that comes with an easy process of loading the nails, and if the nail jammed in the magazine, it would also be easy to remove the pins from the magazine. It will save your time and efforts.


The magazine is one of the essential parts of nail guns; when you choose the nail gun for the Hardie siding, you should choose the best magazine-equipped nail gun.

There are two popular magazines design available in nail guns. The straight magazine and the coiled magazine are both designed for different purposes.

The straight magazine is suitable for small projects; it carries fewer nails, making it easy to load and remove. But the coil magazine comes with extra space for nails, and you can load many staples at a time, which makes it suitable for professional projects. So for the Hardie siding projects, a coiled magazine containing nail guns is better to choose.

Safe Firing Mechanism

Your safety is important, so always try to get the nail gun that comes with a secure firing system. The Firing Mechanism is also important with the performance of the nail gun.

You have choices to choose the contact firing mechanism or single sequential mechanism. But Single sequential mechanism is safer and also quicker to complete your projects.

Final Thoughts

Hardie siding is the best option in materials to choose for safe and beautiful houses. It is becoming trendy, but you also need nailing for Hardie siding projects.

For perfect Hardie Siding projects, you need the best nail gun for Hardie siding. You can choose the best one by following the above guidelines.