A Guide to Laying Wooden Flooring

A Guide to Laying Wooden Flooring

You’ve been thinking about it for some time now. You have a plan; you know what type of flooring to use and the layout of your room. Now all that’s left is the actual work – laying down a new wood floor. Sounds scary? It doesn’t have to be. Here to show you how easy it can be with our step-by-step guide on how to lay wooden floors.

How to Lay Wood Floor?

How to Lay Wood Floor

It’s important to accurately measure the width and length of the room that you’re planning on installing flooring in so you can buy enough materials to finish the job. Here are some steps to laying wooden flooring Houston:

Step One: Preparing the Sub-Floor

In order to create a stable base for your floor, you will first need to prepare the sub-floor. Protect it from the moisture and any other potentially damaging substances by putting down a moisture barrier.

Step Two: Layout

The design of your room will determine how you layout your wooden planks. If possible, make sure that all borders and seams along walls and door frames are parallel.

Step Three: Nailing Down Your Boards

Nailing Down Your Boards

Once you have determined where each board should go, it’s time to start nailing the Wooden flooring Houston into place. Lay a row of floorboards along the chalk lines you have drawn. Plumb these boards with a level and then nail them into place.

Step Four: Perimeters

Cut all of your floorboards to conform to any room borders including doors and windows. The amount of excess material hanging outside will determine how much you will need to make your cuts. Use a circular saw fitted with a fine wood blade to make these cuts.

Step Five: Sanding the Area

In order to produce a perfectly smooth surface, you will need to sand the floors with a power sander. Any uneven surfaces or splintered areas can be fixed at this time.

Step Six: Applying your Finish

There are many different types of finishes available for wood flooring in Houston. Now is the time to make any final decisions on what type of finish you want. Different types of finishes can be applied to different types of wood floors, so make sure you pay attention to any recommendations made by the manufacturer.

Step Seven: Finishing Touches

Once you have completed your floor, it is time to add any finishing touches. These might include baseboard moldings or shoe moldings around doors and walls.

Tips for Laying Wood Floor

Tips for Laying Wood Floor

Before you start laying your wood flooring, make sure to have the right tools and supplies to complete the job.

  • Always lay a vapor barrier before installing any type of flooring.
  • Professionals recommend buying wood glue for installation.
  • You will need a T-molding for the edges of your flooring if you have a room with walls.
  • Always wear a mask. It is important to protect your lungs from any dust that may be released during this process.
  • Since wood flooring is heavy, you should typically lay it in the room where you plan to install it before installing.
  • It is strongly recommended to change out the blades of your saw for each product, whether it is laminate or engineered flooring.


Laying wooden floor in Huston is a great way to add warmth and personality to your home. We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide on how to lay wood floors in any room of the house, but if you have more questions or want help with picking out the perfect type of wood floor for your home, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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