A Guide to Cutting Your Own Tire Swing

A Guide to Cutting Your Own Tire Swing

A tyre swing is a simple, but very fun, toy to play on. It’s also one of the few items that can be made from things you may already have around the house! In this article, we’ll show you how to make your own tyre deals Melbourne swing with just a few tools and some rope.

Gather your materials

Tyre swing

Collect the following materials: a tyre, a sharp knife, some scissors, and some rope. The rope should be at least the length of a double bed. Fold it in half and cut off all the stitching from the inside. Take your sharp knife and run it along the inside fold of tyre to make sure you remove all the stitches, which are what hold everything together. Once that’s done, start cutting on one side until you reach near the bottom, then move over to another side and repeat until you’ve gone all around. After you’re done cutting, unfold your tyre so that it looks like 2 strips suspended down from an open tube. Now take your scissors and make a hole about 15 cm into each strip.

Make sure you do this on each side because they both serve different functions: one is to tie off the swing and the other one is for the rope suspension. You can make a larger hole so that it can be used as an actual tire swing if your child likes to spin around in circles on their swings.

The reason this might not work very well is that there may be too much air resistance coming off the sides once they spin. It’s up to you how big or small the holes are, but I’d leave about 20 cm between them since that seems to give a smooth swinging motion, letting no air escape from either side of it.

Any safety concerns?

This tire swing should be set up either on a tree branch or on the top branches of a tall sturdy tree so that your child hits nothing when swinging around, which could put them in danger or injure them somehow. If you live close enough to a forest for this material to be in abundance, make sure that you have permission to cut down a tree and take some branches from it. You also might want to use something for the branch where you’re attaching the rope, or set up your swing so that it balances correctly because if a big gust of wind comes by, chances are this thing is going to fly off somewhere.


Finally, this article is a guide on how to make your own tire swing. You will need an old tyre, some safety pins or rope and a sharp knife. First of all you need to fold the tyre in half and then cut off any of the stitches from the interior of the tyre with a sharp blade. Once that’s done, you can use your scissors or a sharp blade to cut holes into either side of this folded up circle near the top and bottom. Now turn it back open and it should look like 2 strips of fabric hanging down for suspension points.

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