Case Management

The Case Management system is web-based so you and your staff can access client files from anywhere, at any time.

Our system enables you to create multiple intakes, each with a different set of questions.

For example, you can have one intake that focuses on collecting data for adult clients, and a different one for child clients, with a different set of questions. You can also design different intakes for each of the programs offered by your agency.

This is your system. You decide.


Reporting is important, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Simply search for the variables you want to look at, select a start and end date, and generate your report. Our simple approach to reporting is also tremendously powerful.

For each question in your database, you can restrict your report to individuals who gave particular answers, allowing you to look at cross-sections of client data and making it easier for you to identify trends and monitor performance.

Connect Clients to Services

Your Case Management system won’t simply collect client data; it will connect your clients to community programs in your area that meet their needs.

Relying on our Community Resources technology, your Case Management system will automatically provide custom referral listings for your clients based on the demographics and needs data you collect.

If there are services in your area you would like added to our database so your clients can be screened for them, simply let us know what you want added and we’ll make sure they get included in our database.